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Service, Repairs and Maintenance

Caring for your press

To increase the longevity of your etching press and keep it running smoothly, we recommend the following tips: 

Keep your press clean | After a day of printing, be sure to wipe down your press to remove any ink on the press bed. 

Remove pressure | Once you have finished printing, make sure you remove any plates or runners from underneath, so that the roller isn't pushing down on anything. 

Keep water away | Avoid wiping down the press with water, and be sure to remove any wet blankets and properly dry them after use. Water can cause the top roller and press bed to rust. 

Oil the top roller | The natural oils in our skin can be useful in maintaining the steel of the top roller. Rub down the top roller with your hand occasionally to keep in the moisture, or buy oil and apply it with a rag.

Keep your press covered​ | When you're not using it, place a sheet of natural fabric such as calico or linen over the press bed and top roller to prevent dust from building up. 

Press servicing

We offer servicing of all of our presses. Just contact us to organise a service. 


If your press requires additional maintenance, we can replace parts for it. Contact us for any enquiries regarding maintenance. 


All presses are covered by a two year warranty on any damage which comes about by normal use. Rust or damage to rollers is the responsibility of the persons using the press. Give me a call or check the web site for information about care and maintenance for your equipment.

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