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600 Geared Press


The FEP600G Geared press has a 150mm top roller diameter and can print a full 560 x 760mm sheet of paper. The bottom roller is 75mm diameter. The bed is 600 x 1100mm long and runs on Brass guides. It has a 3:1 chain drive and everything runs on 30mm Japanese bearings. The sides are laser cut 12mm steel. All cross bars, t-bars and screws etc. are zinc plated and the top bar is made from brass. Pressure is applied finely and evenly by the disc springs pressure system. The stand is constructed of 5mm angle iron and the unit can be fitted with one or two ply wood shelves for tool storage.

Press price inc. GST: $6128.50

Castors price inc. GST: $232.50

Stand price inc. GST: $808.50

Shelf price inc. GST: $150

Additional shelf price inc. GST: $150

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