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Cast Aluminium Brayers

These rollers are made from premium quality gravure rubber in a medium 65 Duo hardness, but in a smaller diameter of 65mm. The rubber is cast onto 3mm metal tube and the roller runs on nylon bearings machined out to turn on steel pins. They have a cast aluminium handle, incorporating a stand and come in a variety of widths for all applications.


Sizes Available


Brayer Cast Aluminium 5 3/4" (145x60mm) $431.22

Brayer Cast Aluminium 8" (200x60mm) $376.09

Brayer Cast Aluminium 10" (245x60mm) $506.13

Brayer Cast Aluminium 12" (300x60mm) $547.90

Brayer Cast Aluminium 14" Two Handle (350x60mm) $587

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