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Brayers + Rollers

All our brayers and spindle rollers are hand made  from the highest quality materials. There are 5 basic styles of brayer. Cast Aluminum frame with a 60mm diameter roller 188mm Roll out, Bronze cast/Brass with wooden handles, 251mm Roll out, which takes an 80mm diameter roller and Chromed steel frame Flat Back, with a wooden handle and 60mm diameter roller. There is also a brass miniature series with wooden handles. The Aluminum framed brayers are cast at a local foundry and they are the lightest of the range. The wooden handles are hand turned here in Melbourne from mainly Victorian Ash and are sealed with bees wax to give them a natural feel and appearance.  I have listed 3 spindle rollers here including the 275 diameter model for a full sheet/one roll application, but of course we can custom build these to suit special requirements.We also make wooden stands and boxes to accompany rollers and the spindle stands can be wall mounted. Most rollers and brayers can be restored, if, mechanically they are not too damaged. We have restored some beautiful old rollers for many of the print workshops around Australia. All rollers are coated with a Nitrile rubber and have a Durometer range from 20 (soft) to 45, which is very hard. Call me before you place an order so we can discuss the type of work the roller will be subjected to. The art always determines the tools that you purchase, let me help you.

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Our rollers can be made to custom sizes or you can get a pre-existing roller modified. Enquire or call us if you would like a custom-made roller. 

Brass Brayers (Flat Backed)


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Chrome/Steel Brayers (Flat Backed)


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