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400 Direct Drive Press

The FEP400 press can be mounted on a table top due to its light weight under 70kg’s, but like all presses, the printmaking process is made easier when the artist has access to the press from all sides. When customers have asked me about portable presses for workshops this and the A4 are the models I reccommend. Two people can easily carry the 400 but always remove the bed beforehand. The stand that goes with this model can also be fitted with castors, safety strap and a bottom shelf for storing tools etc. The 400 is made from 8mm x100mm plate steel sides and solid steel, 75mm diameter top roller and 70mm bottom roller. Only the best Japanese bearings are used in the roller mechanism.

Press price inc. GST: $3336.45

Castors price inc. GST: $148.30

Stand price inc. GST: $508.75

Shelf price inc. GST: $150

Additional shelf price inc. GST: $150

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