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Service, repairs, maintenance and customising

A major part of our work is service to existing presses and information on products and techniques. We are constantly custom making parts for other brands of equipment, particularly in schools where the equipment gets a lot of use.

Whatever your needs we can probably do it, the business also operates as a light engineering workshop and is one of the only inner city businesses of this kind. We have cranes inside and outside the factory and clear access from a lane beside the building.

We will answer any enquiries about press maintenance and repairs and we do call outs if that is what is required. We do deliver and install and Stephen does workshops and teaches printmaking, so if we do come to you, you will get a clear demonstration.


All presses are covered by a two year warranty on any damage which comes about by normal use. Rust or damage to rollers is the responsibility of the persons using the press. Give me a call or check the web site for information about care and maintenance for your equipment.

Crate prices


320   x    400   x  500mm

Height    Width    Length

APP. WEIGHT 10klg’s

COST INC. GST. $165.00

FEP407 400 CRATE:

500  x  650  x  550mm 

APP. WEIGHT 20klg’s

COST INC. GST. $242.34


500  x  850  x  570mm 

APP. WEIGHT 25klg’s

COST INC. GST. $269.86

FEP507 500 CRATE:

530  x  860  x 660mm 

APP. WEIGHT 25klg’s

COST INC. GST. $272.25

FEP587 580 CRATE:

530  x  860  x  660mm 

APP. WEIGHT 25klg’s

COST INC. GST. $272.25

FEP507G 500G CRATE: 

670  x  780  x  1050mm 

APP. WEIGHT 32klg’s

COST INC. GST. $272.25


670  x  780  x  1050mm 

APP. WEIGHT 32klg’s

COST INC. GST. $272.25


520  x  1040  x  1350mm 

APP. WEIGHT 55klg’s

COST INC. GST. $343.75

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